Access Tubs Information

Walk-In-Tub Information

Walk-in bathtubs were first introduced to the public in the late 1990’s and were advertised as an ultimate bathing solution for seniors and the disabled. Throughout the last decade, walk-in bathtubs have become even more popular as they have more to offer in the premium bathtub category.

New features such as chromo and aroma therapies along with hydro and air massage jets became a popular option with consumers looking for an alternative to Jacuzzi tubs. Customized color finishes and designs attract customers looking for luxury walk in bathtubs for their homes and businesses. Benefits and safety features for a walk-in bathtub are listed below.

  • Wide Door Opening that allows easy and safe transition in and out of a walk in bathtubs.
  • Non-slip Floor Inside of walk in bathtubs which prevents users from falling. According to multiple researches done by healthcare professionals, majority of falls occur while bathing or showering.
  • Contoured, Built-In Seat that permits luxurious, stress-free bathing.
  • Hydro and Air Therapy Massage come as an optional feature. Please refer to our walk in tubs section to see the list of available models.

Massage Therapy System

Available Access Tubs Therapy Options
To allow Access Tubs customers enjoy the true therapeutic bathing experience, we have combined the essential elements of bath safety with the luxurious natural wonders of air and water massages. All Access Tubs walk-units can be equipped with four basic configurations: soaker, whirlpool, air massage, and dual therapy. Basic soakers deliver the traditional bathing comfort combined with walk-in unit safety and luxury features. Whirlpool therapy and air bubble walk in bathtubs are equipped with strategically allocated jets for therapeutic massage and relaxation. Whirlpool jets are individually controlled, allowing users to adjust water pressure and direction of water streams. Dual therapy walk in tubs deliver combined, whirlpool and air bubble massage experience.

Hydrotherapy Massage System

Throughout centuries, warm water and air currents of Greek Thermae baths and Egyptian Bathing Rituals have been helping people cure blood circulation, joint, and muscle tissue disorders. Our Hydro Therapy configuration consists of strategically-positioned, 360° directional water jets. The air bubble massage therapy features a number of air injectors located around the seat and floor areas. The default jet pattern is configured to cover various areas of human muscle tissue to stabilize the circulation of blood stream.

Air Bubble Massage System
Similar to the hydrotherapy system, the air bubble massage option features a number of air-injecting jets that are usually allocated around the floor and seat areas. Each air injector produces a continuous stream of air bubbles. Aside from the control button, which turns the air bubble massage therapy on and off, Access Tubs introduced a new Air Pressure Control feature, which allows users to increase of decrease the strength of the air current.