Buying Guide

Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a poor quality walkin bath tub that will cause more trouble than benefits. Find out where the walk-in tub is made. Many foreign made walk-in bath tubs do not meet North American quality standards and license requirements. For this reason consumers often run into trouble installing these tubs after purchase. By buying an American made tub home or business owners are not only supporting the local economy, but also have the guarantee of a local company throughout the process of buying the tub.

Customers can also easily communicate with the actual manufacturer if they ever have the need for any repairs or advice. Some American made walk-in tubs meet most plumbing and electric licensing requirements. It is important to ask suppliers if they have the necessary IAPMO (plumbing) or ETL (electric) certifications. Once you’ve established the walk-in tub provider as a licensed and top quality company the consumer is now one step closer to finding the right walk-in bath tub.